Mixtape Chorus - Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct applies anywhere you are representing Mixtape - including rehearsals, at gigs, and on our Facebook page.

Mixtape Chorus is a community-focused indie-pop choir for people of all ages. We are a community choir with no auditions and no ‘minimum attendance’ requirements. Our aim is to provide an inclusive and fun space where everyone feels welcome and safe. With this in mind, we have developed the following Code of Conduct, which we expect everyone to follow if you come along to one of our rehearsals or events.

During rehearsal, please respect our Musical Director and follow their instructions. Our MD puts in a lot of work to prepare for each rehearsal. We want you to have fun and make new friends, but save the best chats for supper time, not singing time!

Likewise, please respect our wonderful rehearsal venue, and the community vibe of Gorman Arts Centre. We ask that you take care of the equipment and clean up after yourself if necessary.

You are not expected to read music. If you aren’t sure if you’re singing the right part or aren’t sure what we’re doing, please ask for help.

We often perform our songs during the term at local events and venues. The Committee works hard to organise gigs that are informal, fun and community-minded, but you are not required to perform or even attend. Feel free to come along and cheer us on, or only perform the songs you are comfortable with. As with our own rehearsal venue, please respect the venues we perform at, and abide by their behavioural requirements.

Remember that everyone is welcome at Mixtape Chorus, regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or musical ability. Don’t shame, judge or be rude to anyone.

Mixtape expects all its members to treat others with dignity and respect. It should go without saying (but we’re going to say it) – physical, verbal or emotional harassment or abuse is not acceptable. There are many awesome people to meet, but be aware of your manner and bear others’ comfort in mind. Unwanted verbal or physical contact is not acceptable. Simply, don’t be a jerk. Failure to adhere to this may result in you no longer being welcome in our community.

If you feel unsafe, threatened, harassed, or are just feeling uncomfortable about something that is occurring, please speak to a committee member immediately. We’re here to believe you and to help.

Our term fees ensure we can keep our community running. Please pay your fees by the due date in the third week of term. If you are having trouble paying, please speak to a committee member.

Supper time is a special time at Mixtape Chorus. Please volunteer to bring something along to share at least once a term. Your contributions are greatly appreciated, no matter how great or small.

Most importantly – enjoy yourself!

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